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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about working with us.
We’re The Griffiths Family and this is our personal blog. For more information about us, please check us out.

If this is about pitching your product or service, please read on.

We’re often asked what this site is about. It’s a tough question to answer because collectively, we have so many interests, but if we had to narrow it down we’d have to say that this site is a “family lifestyle blog” with a focus on food, travel, DIY, eco-lifestyle and family friendly entertainment.

Here is a little bit of the fine print:

  • We are located in the Town of Georgina, Ontario, Canada but willing to travel to experience what your product/service/resort has to offer.
  • Our email address is us@thegriffs.ca
  • We receive many press releases and email notices and can’t respond to every one of them, sorry! We are more likely to respond if you’re offering something exclusive as we love being the first to try something new.
  • We honestly don’t expect you to pretend that you’re a regular reader, but do hope that you’ll have at least read enough to determine whether we’re the kind of family who would be interested in your offer. Your product has to be the right fit for use and our readers.
  • Our readers are incredibly important to me and we value these individuals greatly. We are very selective about the products we write about and only accept products and services we will love and know our readers will love too.
  • We cannot/will not write about something we can’t personally recommend as it’s misleading and dishonest to our readers.
  • We need to see samples because…
  •  … Our goal is to always be genuine and absolutely honest about everything we review. We always disclose whether we are writing about a product we have been given for free. To that end, we will not be responsible for any shipping charges, duties, or taxes, and products will not be returned.
  • Social media releases – We love it when PR people make it easy for us to get the information we need to spread the love about their products.

Want to work with the Griffs? We’d love to work with you!

Things we will write about include:

We’ve had the good fortune of being given the opportunity to participate in some really fun campaigns with Orlando, Florida Tourism, ImPRessions PR, The Simplicity Project and Microsoft. We’ve also appeared on our fair share  of segments on DayTime York Region and Georgina Life (And one of us Even had our own TV show about Tech & Geekery).

We will host giveaways and are more than happy to supply reports and numerical data post event/giveaway.

Any questions? Please contact us.

We have had the pleasure of being asked to participate in some pretty amazing projects! Check them out below!

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