Too Many Tomatoes!

We plant a garden every year and are usually met with a great crop!

Last year, we started seedlings of all of our plants and had just the right amount tomatoes. This year, our seedlings were transplanted and promptly decided to die. We resorted to buying some plants from Zehrs (they are the BEST!) and planted them in the garden thinking that we were set!

Fast forward to this past week and we’re in overdrive when it comes to the production and harvest of tomatoes!

It turns out the seedlings were just tricking us when they were all wilty and crispy brown.. They tricked up so hard they even shriveled up and disappeared. Silly us for thinking they were dead.. o_O

Not only did they NOT die, they’re now intertwined with out super productive Zehrs plants and we now have tomatoes overthrowing the backyard. Seriously, they somehow found their way into our basil pot, the cilantro didn’t stand a chance – AND they even made their way into our lettuce box (which is now 100% tomatoes!)

We’ve had bruschetta for lunch, tomato sauce, tomato & cucumber salad, and so much more.. I am running out of ideas!

The night before last, we discovered another round of tomatoes that were ready for harvest and I thought – comeon! Not again.. we need some more ideas. So I jumped on Pinterest and found a few ideas that the kids liked.

One of them was a tomato tart. I looked at the picture and knew what I wanted to do.

I bought two tubes of Pillsbury giant crescent rolls, laid them out on a parchment lined pan, Ben spread ricotta on the dough (Tim asked for feta next time), I laid out enough sliced tomatoes to cover the dough and Ben sprinkled Parmesan on the slices and then topped it off with Molto Bene herb mix (any italian herb blend would work) – we added some green onions to one pan and popped it into the oven for the time/heat specified by Pillsbury and voila! Dinner was served. (For future, I would leave them in for an added 2-3 minutes as the one pan was a bit doughy still [yes, we rotated at mid-point])

This is a SUPER EASY and really yummy recipe and it takes all of 25 mins – including prep and bake time!

We thoroughly enjoyed this and that’s a GREAT thing because I just walked out to look at the garden and there is ANOTHER million tomatoes ready to be harvested!!!



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