Our Cooking Must-Haves & Rules

Since we started our blog again, and posting our foodie pics on our IG account, people have been asking us to share the recipes with them.

I have no problem doing that, but some things you MUST know about the GRIFFS and our food-style – we need GOOD food – colourful, flavour full and FAST – it’s gotta be ready SOON!

I am also notoriously bad at taking things out before hand, so whatever we have, needs to be prepped fairly easily and 99% of the time, at the last minute.

We are ALWAYS on the go and more often than not, eat at a late hour of the day – think 7/7:30.

We have some faves and must-haves for our kitchen adventures so if you REALLY want to follow along, here are some things you’ll need access to.

Instant Pot – I JUST got this, and the learning curve has been noticeable.. I started out really easy – rice, rice and more rice. Then I got a few mags and a cookbook and have now branched out.. I got this from my in-laws for Christmas and at first I was hesitant – I LOVE my slow cooker and thought “another appliance”?! But, it has turned into a staple in our kitchen so YES – another appliance!! 😛

Wok – We use our wok for our noodle bowls – you gotta stir fry the veggies somehow 😉

SUPER Sharp Knives

LOTS of cutting boards

Wooden Spoons

Whisks – we have like 6

A silicone steamer – grab one from Epicure – you will NOT be sorry!

We DO cheat on some things – I have lots of frozen veggies – they are perfect for adding into sauces at the last minute so that they’re not noticeably sogalicious, we use frozen fish (yes, from the box) – think Highliner – but usually it’s the pan-sear kind – we rarely have the battered stuff.

Our coleslaw is bagged and I use Renees dressing (with some added oomph)

As I think of stuff, I’ll update this list, so check back (I’ll put “edited to add” next to the entry so that you know it’s new).

For now, I guess that’s it – Thanks for following us on our journey, I’m glad to be back and writing in this space, and I am glad you’re here for the ride <3

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