Cheater Chicken Korma

When we made this and posted it on IG, we had a LOT of people ask for the recipe. I promised to always be honest on this blog, and if you know anything about me, I hate things that take a lot of time.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe for our “Cheater Chicken Korma”

Cost to feed four (plus leftovers) = Less than $15/$3.75 per person

1 Tubs of M&M’s Chicken Korma Simmering Sauce

1 Bag of M&M’s Vegetable Supreme (frozen veggies)

2 cups quinoa (or rice)

4 cups of water

Fresh chopped cilantro


Make the quinoa/rice as per your package instructions – I made mine with my instant pot and will never make it the stovetop way again. While your quinoa/rice is cooking, stir the Chicken Korma sauce until it’s heated through – add the whole bag of veggies to the simmering sauce and stir until the veggies aren’t frozen anymore – but not too cooked, you don’t want them sogalicious.

Place a ladle-full of quinoa/rice on your plate, top with your simmering sauce and garnish with fresh cilantro


Ta-da! All told, it took about 10 minutes and it was FAB!

Yes, I know it is a cheater recipe, but you need those now and then and instead of reverting to cardboard pizza or takeout, this is a perfect solution.

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